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::Ah! I found out what happened. The Egean Sea is a sea with many island (i.e. an island-sea=eilandenzee). Its Greek name was Archipelagus (main sea). Later the meaning of the word archipelago shifted from the sea to the islands in it. So eilandenzee is a translation of the '''orginal''' word Archipelagus, not the modern word archipel. [[Usuario:Jcwf|Jcwf]] ([[Conversa usuario:Jcwf|conversa]]) 19 de xuño de 2014 ás 07:05 (UTC)
:::And ''eilandengroep'', what happens with it? It looks like the same case... Can we consider them as "rare words" for ''archipel''? Thanks.--[[Usuario:Calq|Calq]] ([[Conversa usuario:Calq|conversa]]) 20 de xuño de 2014 ás 02:27 (UTC)