Google test edly ingly ably (U.S.)
suppos 23700k 56800+ 87500
supos 92100 1020 5430
supposs 34500 188 268
suposs 19900 216 488

modelo nome subst xunto
todos 6000 2292 8292
1 cat 3422 1137 4559
f 2724 371 3095
m 644 502 1146
a 27 26 53
s 8 146 154 (falta)
p/t la anular 2

modelo uso
CVarXN 100-250
CVarN 500-750
VarXN 2500-3000
VarN 6000-6500

"Everyday" is an adjective that describes daily or routine activities or events. e.g. an everyday prayer. "Every day" is a noun phrase that is equivalent to "each day". e.g. I say a prayer every day.

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2 bisina
pt: pt: bisina, doblete,
dosillo non dosillo doset duolet duina duple Duole
3 tercina tercina tercina,
tresillo non tresillo treset triolet terzina triplet Triole
4 cuartina pt: pt: Houaiss cuatrillo non cuatrillo quatret quartolet quartina quadruplet Quartole
5 quintina pt: pt: quintina cinquillo non quintillo,
non cinquillo
si quintillo,
non cinquillo
cinquet quintolet quintina quintuplet de:
6 sextina pt: pt: sextina,
es: seisillo,
siset sextolet it: en: Sextole
7 septina pt: pt: Houaiss es: non septillo setet septolet it: septuplet Septole
8 octina pt: pt: Houaiss es: non octillo vuitet fr: it: en: de:
9 nonina pt: pt: Houaiss es: es: es: ca: fr: it: en: de: