Hi Jcwf!

Firstly, I'm very pleased with your contributions to this wiktionary.

I don´t have de English wiktionary like a Bible, it's just a language that I can understand more or less without much difficulty, and it's the biggest one, so, I guess people do the same like me, and we copy the mistakes that they are hard to be changued later.

And, you have to understand that I have no idea about Dutch, and you are from Netherlands and I guess that you have the knowledge about your language better than anyone. Well, although I don't know Dutch, I know that there are differences between the speakers, so I can understand some questions like genders, north or south or even old and modern regulations...

Anyway, thank very much and I offer you any help you need with Galician, that it's my language and the one that I can speak of.--Calq (conversa) 13 de xullo de 2014 ás 17:02 (UTC)